Northern Laos - August 31, 2002

Here's some pictures from Northern Laos.

Just another stream crossing.

On this particular truck ride, we'd come upon a bridge that had been washed away. The next morning, they built a log bridge using only a truck-mounted winch and a chainsaw.

The job was done in five hours.

We got stuck in this village for four hours waiting for a bus to pass through. The bus never came, and we ended up walking and hitchhiking to the next town. While we waited, I played some guitar and gathered a crowd. Actually, I think those are all the kids in the village.

One of the many villages we passed on the mud roads of northern Laos.

Your average "bus station" in Laos - really just an empty dirt lot.

Man, I need a shave. Such a lazy looking bugger in front of such beauty.

One of the mud slides we came across. This actually is a road. Seriously.

This road was so bad you had to do it in one of these military-type trucks.

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