People in Laos - August 31, 2002

Here's some of the locals and some of the travelers I met while in Laos.

This was a tiny village I went through on my first day in Laos.

Some of the local kids in Pakse

Some of the crazy people I was hanging out with in the north. We all took a boat trip an hour north of Nong Khiaw to a small village on the river. Left to right: Criona (Ireland), Martin (England), Camilla (Sweden), Jennifer (U.S.), Jude (England), Erica (Holland).

There's an area in the north called the Plain of Jars, where hundreds of these hollowed-out rocks lie all over the fields. Nobody knows why they're there or what they were used for. Left to right: Camilla, Daniel, Anna, Me, and David in the jar.

This is what 1.3 Million Kip looks like. Approximate U.S. value: $130.

Me and Camilla, whom I ended up traveling with for most of my time in Laos.

This should be on David Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks". Camilla shows off her "pregnant belly" trick.

Ok, this is actually Thailand. Some of the local university students who took me to a Snooker club in Ubon Ratchathani (near the Laos border).

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