Southern Laos - August 31, 2002

Here's some pictures from Southern Laos.

Your average town road - this is Pakse.

The Mekong river (seen from Pakse).

The market is the Laos equivalent to a shopping mall.

In Pakse there's a bridge that's too narrow for two lanes of traffic. So they have traffic lights at either end of the bridge to allow only one direction of traffic at a time. This guy's job is to manually operate the traffic lights. Honestly, he flips a switch to turn off the green light, switches on the orange light, waits a few seconds, and switches off the orange light and turns on the red light. All day.

Every hour or two during southern bus travel, we'd stop in a village and all the food vendors would gather around us selling all sorts of stuff through the bus windows.

A street vendor with her cart.

Xavier, Bella, Carolla, and Hamoots relax by the waterfall in Tadlo after a swim.

Hey, I'm a man with wheels. You should see me parallel park this baby! I'm not sure why they use these, but you see them quite a bit.

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