Beachcomber Island, Fiji

February, 2001

On my way to Australia, I manage to squeeze in a 5-day stopover at Beachcomber Island in Fiji.

The island is so small that you can walk around it in about 10 minutes. There is no dock on the island, so getting there usually requires transferring to a smaller boat which run people between the shore and the other boats.

The Island.

It rained every day I was there, but it didn't matter (and it never lasted very long). There was still lots of time to lie on the beach, water ski, and play beach volleyball.

A beautiful sunset happens when there is just the right amount of cloud. This is a sunset with too much cloud. Now you know.

Me, Jo (Aussie), Tom (Canadian), Colin (Kiwi), Jen (Canadian), and Petra (Swiss)

There was nightly drinking and entertainment in the sand-floored bar on beach.

This is a crab race. Never seen crabs race before, but they do. I even "purchased" a crab for racing - his name was "Dragon", and the staff would have you believe he was shipped in for the race from Wales. Unfortunately, little Dragon lost bigtime. But the good news is that Greg, a guy at my table, won and bought drinks for the whole table.

Every night, the band would play a song, which I would imagine might be entitled "Dance Party", mostly because those are the only words I remember. During this song, everyone does the infamous "Bula" Dance. For me, it was always the most amusing part of the evening. To the band, I imagine they think of it differently.

On this Island, you're either on the beach, in the bar, or asleep.
Petra (Swiss), Mark (Kiwi), Jen (Canadian), Me, Jo (Aussie), Greg (Swiss) and Hanna (Czeck) having a drink on crab-racing night.


The fishies...

Some kind of blue starfish. Did you know starfish have one orifice that serves as both a mouth and a butt?

Ok, its out of focus, but it was cool - a little sandbar in the middle of nowhere. All it needed was a palm tree.

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