Green Tortoise
Cross Country Eastbound
August 9 - 19, 2000

Days 3 - 4

Grand Teton National Park

We spent the night at Grand Teton National Park, partying out by a small lake. Most of us slept outside that evening, but it got very cold, and many got back on the bus throughout the night.

We had some mechanical difficulties the next morning, but Sue and Laticia managed to get us going.

Half of Anna (Germany), and all of Aline (England), Mandy (The Netherlands), and Emily (England).

Megan (New York) and a lot of feet.

Julia (Germany), Ingrid (Estonia), and Clarissa, AKA Lava (New York).

Joie (California) writing in her journal.

Sue (Australia) calling for bears.

Horseback Riding - Day 4

Eight of us went riding in the Grand Tetons.

Joie, Lava, Emily, Julia, Fabiola, Ingrid, myself, and Anna.

Its me, on a horse!

Our guide, AKA The Marlboro Man. I think his real name was Carey.

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