Green Tortoise
Cross Country Eastbound
August 9 - 19, 2000

Day 6

Lunch at the Cowboy Inn (Custer, SD)

Eehaw! The Cowboy Inn serves Buffalo Burgers. I had the pasta.

Mandy, Andreas, Fabiola, and Rich (me).

Aline, Lava, Anna, and Nikolina.

Stefan, Angelica, Dieter, and Mark.

Mark, Michael, Julia, Ingrid, Roz, and Masa.

Nellie Cuny's Table Cafe (Badlands, SD)

Nellie Cuny operates a cafe in the middle of nowhere in the Badlands. She serves "Indian Tacos", which turned out to be quite yummy.

Hanging out at Nellie's.

Me and Nellie...

An Evening in the Badlands

That evening, we met up with the westbound bus and camped out. There was much drinking, singing, and tackling.

Sue lost her dress to Robert, one of the westbound drivers.

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