Green Tortoise
Cross Country Eastbound
August 9 - 19, 2000

Day 7, Part 1

Morning in the Badlands

Almost everyone slept outside in the Badlands. In the morning, we made big, messy, fruity pancakes.

That morning, we swapped buses. We gave The Ark to the westbound group, and we took Guon.

The Muddy Waterhole

We went for a swim in a muddy river. We were very careful to avoid getting mud on our clothes. It was Faby's idea to write "GREEN TORTOISE" on our backs.

Now, if my camera wasn't being a pain, and then ended up doing the "red-eye-reduction" thing which takes a few seconds to fire, you would have been looking at a picture of Joie not wearing a lot, taking a picture of the people in the background, who were also not wearing a lot, and they were posing like bodybuilders or something. It was quite amusing, but instead, you get to see Joie leaving the scene and a mouse in a paper airplane.

Scenic, South Dakota

It was a small town...
It was a boring town...

Not a whole lot to do here...

This old jail was last used in 1910. Supposedly, the last prisoner hung himself, leading to some concerns about the jail possibly being haunted. The logical solution was to dynamite it and abandon it.

Robert's Prairie Dog Town

This "town" is more like a field. These "dogs" are more like squirrels. They pop out of their holes, make cute "Eep! Eep!" sounds, and disappear as soon as someone gets too close.

Monique, Marc, Laticia, Rachel, Lava, and Mandy try to make a new friend.

Watch where you're walking, Sue.

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