Green Tortoise
Cross Country Eastbound
August 9 - 19, 2000

New York City, part 1

Home for a Rest

Roz ended up taking about 10 of us into her apartment in Brooklyn, which was quite amazing. We were minutes from the subway, and, most importantly, we got to explore New York together.

We all took much needed showers. This is Mark, Arne and Marc folding laundry together.

The Green Tortoise bulletin board at Roz's.

Our sleeping quarters, Roz's livingroom. Just like on the bus, we were all packed together. It wouldn't have made sense any other way.

Riding The Beast

Aline and I "Rode the Beast", an alternative to taking the boring ferry across New York Harbor. It was different. We had a hell of a time getting to ride this thing, because one of the two boats was always broken down.

The Beast itself...

The World Trade Center towers over the rest of New York's skyline.

Never heard of this statue...

(Nearest to Farthest) The Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges (remember BMW).

The World Trade Center

Aline, Arne and I went to the roof of the World Trade Center. There was a hell of a lineup, but it was pretty neat to be up there.

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