Green Tortoise
Cross Country Eastbound
August 9 - 19, 2000

New York City, part 2

Me, Faby, Andreas, Emily, Mark, Arne, Ellie and Mandy at Times Square.

Me, Mark and Arne ate at an Ethiopian restaurant.

Mom always smelled so good.

Ingrid filing my nails on the subway. Every train should have this service.

Coney Island

Aline, Arne, Stefan, Roz, Julia, Ingrid and I went to Coney Island. I rode the Cyclone twice - only Aline was brave enough to join me (but only once!).

Arne looked so happy with that gun.

The Last Bit

Me, Aline, Arne, Marc, Ellie, Mark, Emily and Andreas, with Fabiola and Nikolina in front. Taken in Central Park.

This was the most amazing trip I've ever been on. We did so many things I'd never done before, we saw so many amazing places, and I made 30 amazing friends. This last picture was taken in Roz's apartment minutes before Aline and I left to catch a bus to Toronto.

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