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Me and my travelling companions - Tasman (Tazzie) t. Tiger and my Guitar - March 4, 2002

Welcome! This web page used to be dedicated to my Green Tortoise (August/2000) trip, but since I've had many more adventures and trips, I've decided to make this into my web page of photo albums. Enjoy!


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Green Tortoise - Trip across the U.S. - August 2000

Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania - Labour Day Weekend Trip to a National Park with Ashleigh - September 2000

Beachcomber Island, Fiji - On my way to Australia - February 2001

Life in Australia - Pictures of my place and my friends - 2001

Mardi Gras in Sydney - March 2001

The Protest - May 2001

Touring Australia - My 7 weeks touring Australia - June to August 2001

Mardi Gras in Sydney - March 2002