Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade

The Story

Every year in Sydney around late summer (February / March), Sydney's Gay and Lasbian Mardi Gras goes off. It is a 3-4 week long festival, with a huge parade at the end of it. Being Australia's largest (and no doubt most outrageous) outdoor event, the parade is a must-see.

I had decided to go watch the parade with Megan, a friend I'd met on my August / 2000 trip across the U.S., and some of her friends. As it turns out, they weren't just going down there to watch the parade, they were going to be IN the parade.

They were marching with a group called GLAM - Gays and Lesbians Against Multinationals. My thinking was somewhere along the lines of "I'm not Gay, I'm certainly not a Lesbian, and I have no idea what a Multinational is, nor why anyone would have reason to dislike them. But I'll be damned if I'm going to let any of that stop me from being in a parade!"

Our group: Sara, Megan, Nola, Chris (in the back), Mark, Monica, and Myself.

If you're going to be in this parade, you should be dressed so that you REALLY stand out. Not having planned to be in a parade, I, unfortunately, was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Luckily my hair was purple that day, and they convinced me to take off my shirt, and Meagan wrote "Resist!" across my chest. And someone drew a face on my chest, using my nipple as the nose. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of myself.

You meet some strange people at the train station on a day like this.

That's a lot of wonderwomen. And

Sorry, ladies, they're all gay.

And you think you have hair problems...

Every person, and every costume, has a story.

I wonder what the Nun's story is...

Something about this picture seems to say so much.

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