A Year in Australia
Wildlife in the City

Here's a few pictures of some of the wildlife I found in the city.

I found this Huntsman Spider in my livingroom on a drunken St. Patrick's Day eve. Beside him is a phone card I'd taped to the wall. You can see the spider is about the same size.

Another spider incident. Jen had come home to discover a spider stuck between the glass and the screen of her bedroom window. On the right: Jen is horrified. Marie is relieved that this isn't her window.

This is how Zally dresses for Australian Spider Removal Duty.

Mr. Stickey, the Stick-Bug that made a number of appearences on various balconies in Harris Park. That's my student ID card next to him - you can see that he's about 10 inches (25cm) long.

Me and a Koala! Taken at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

The infamous Tasmanian Devil: Watch out, he makes a noise that would scare Vincent Price.

Taronga Zoo is perched on the northern side of the Sydney Harbour, it has one of the best views of downtown Sydney.

Me, Maria, a Giraffe, and the city in the background. A zoo with a view.

Me at Manly Beach, in the northern bits of Sydney.

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