M1: The Protest - March 1, 2001

In the spirit of understanding differing points of views in the world, I went down to a protest against "Corporate Tyranny" that took place several months after my arrival in Sydney. I was there to see what goes on at a protest, and to find out more about the cause (which seemed to be Socialism).

It was interesting, and the events of the protest were exciting, but I can't say that I've been convinced that I should be spending more time for such causes.

The protest started at some horrible time - like 7 AM or something. Their plan was to blockade the Sydney Stock Exchange building. In the beginning, it was a small group of protesters blocking the front entrance of the building. This had no effect on the operation of the building - the police had already arranged to allow the protesters to block that entrance.

As the rainy day progressed, the alleyway behind the building was blockaded. This move sealed the building.

A line is drawn in the sand.

Add some more troops into the batch...

The police force their way through the right side of the blockade.

Eventually, the police have completely retaken the area.

Hey, I was right there in the middle of all the action. Well, just behind the press.

But all is not war and civil disobedience. There was one giant teddy bear.

And whatever it is that these people are engaged in.

There were a lot of people by the end of the day.

And a lot of police officers.

In the end some arrests were made amidst cries of "Peaceful protest" and chants of "The whole world is watching".

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